@@Pô no Ichizoku is a series of long and short pieces of manga for girls by Hagio Moto (1949- ). It is representative of her early work. The story of a vampire boy wandering around various places in England and Germany for more than two hundred years is constructed minutely and described with drawings of a sensitive nature. It had a great influence on the world of girlsf manga, and was published in five volumes.
@@Edgar and his younger sister Merrybell have been deserted in the woods when they were very young. Old Hanna Poe in the nearby village took care of them. A few years later, Edgar realizes that people of the Poe family were vampires. He consents to join them when he comes of age in exchange for his sisterfs safety. However, the identity of the Poe family is disclosed to neighboring people and in the confusion Edgar is forced to become a vampire at the age of fourteen. He curses his vampire self and intends never to meet his sister again, but she also becomes a vampire in order to live with him. They were adopted by a Poe couple and live together for a long time. One day Merrybell is shot with a silver bullet and is extinguished. The couple also ceases to exist and Edgar, out of solitude, draws a lonely boy named Alan into the fate of Poe. Together the two boys drift through time inevitably having contact with many people. Some of them pass down the memory of ever younger boys to their descendants. By and by those who are attracted by a vampire begin to search for the two boys. In order not to be lonely Edgar has to draw his beloved ones into the fate of Poe, and he suffers from the dilemma. He blames himself for not having been able to save his sister. Alan does not understand Edgarfs feelings, and although they are strongly attached to each other, they often cannot consider each otherfs feelings and feel even more lonesome. This kind of relationship leads to an important motif of affection between boys in the world of girlsf manga.
@@Pô no Ichizoku was first serialized in monthly girlsf magazine Bessatu Shôjo Komikku [Monthly Girlfs Comic] intermittently for about five years. The style of serial long and short pieces was rare in girlsf manga at that time. As the story was not told in chronological order, unaccustomed readers found it difficult to understand. However, features such as a detail of a story being an advance hint of another story, as well as minute psychological descriptions were valued as literary and highbrow, which led to an increase in male readers.
@@Hagio received the Shogakukan Award for Manga in 1976 for Pô no Ichizoku and a science-fiction manga Jûichinin Iru! [Mysterious Eleventh Member].