Kyojin no Fûsha is a story by Yoshida Toshi (1925 - 1988) dealing with a political matter - revolution - which is rare in Japanese children's literature. It is based on an actual revolt, the incident of Saint Maria, by a former captain of Portugal, Enrique Galvan. Yoshida made Captain Galvan into Captain Olivera, created a twelve-year-old boy character, Manuel, and saw the revolt through his eyes. The plot is based on the actual revolt itself. Illustrations are by Murayama Tomoyoshi.
  Manuel is a second-class passenger of a ship, Saint Maria. He is going to Miami, where his father works. Manuel joins the plan of revolt led by Captain Olivera, which is intended to overthrow the dictatorship in his home country. He becomes friends with the seamen, and meets Jose, the same age as Manuel. The revolt fails, however, when they go to an island to leave severely injured people. The Brazilian government saves the Captain and his fellow. Citizens in Brazil welcome those who have left the ship, but the Captain and others, including Manuel, get away in the darkness of the evening.
  A critic evaluated Kyojin no Fûsha as a new trend to watch for amusing book for children, while another pointed out the over reliance on a real occurrence. It is also said that as the reason for the revolt was not clear, the story lacked credibility.
  In 1963 Kyojin no Fûsha received the NHK Award for Children's Literature. In 1978, a Treasured Masterpieces of Rironsha edition was published.