@This is an anthology representing realistic stories for children in 1930s. As a proletarian writer for children, Kawasaki Daiji engaged in editing the children's magazine Shônen Senki [Children's Battle Flag] with Makimoto Kusurô and others. Taiyô o Kakomu Kodomotachi is his second anthology of stories for children. It contains ten stories written in the period from 1937 to 1940.
@The title piece "Taiyô o Kakomu Kodomotachi" describes Genta, Shinkichi, and other children in the fourth grade who are in charge of the daycare center during the busy farming season. They feel they are indispensable to busy grown-ups and little children, and they earnestly make a flag for the center. The title of the story comes from the design of the flag. When Genta and Shinkichi protect the flag from being drenched by the rain, they are full of pride. This is one of Kawasaki's principal works representing his idea of collectivism. Other stories include "Yûyake no Kumo no Shita" ["Under Sunset Clouds"] which describes the conflict of three children and their consciousness reflected by their parents' classes; "Kan Kan Bukuro" ["Life Preserver Made of Cans"] which describes a poor but skillful boy named Gotarô who makes a life preserver from empty cans, trains his dog Gon and plays with his friends in the river. The stories collected in Taiyô o Kakomu Kodomotachi depict cheerful, ingenious and sturdy children.