@Akanoppo Aonoppo is based on a picture story (emonogatari) serialized in Asahi Shinbun [Asahi Newspaper] in 1934. As the serialization had been famous, and because of its low price, the book was very popular. It is a sequel to the story titled "Kurumitarô" ["Walnut Boy"] serialized in Yomiuri Sande Manga [Yomiuri Sunday Comic], in which Kurumitarô, a descendant of Momotarô, wishes to make friends with ogres and invites them to Japan. In Akanoppo Aonoppo the boy's name is changed to Imano Momotarô and a red ogre and a blue ogre enter an elementary school, making funny disturbances. Their life is described humorously. Each page consists of four frames and the sequence forms the story.
@Takei Takeo became famous as an illustrator for children. In this book he is creates a picture story very similar to manga comics. In the early Showa era many illustrators for children drew for newspapers, especially for the Asahi. Akanoppo Aonoppo is remembered by people for a long time together with Takei's other work titled "Hatsumei Hatchan" ["Inventor Hatchan"] also serialized in the Asahi.
@Another sequel was serialized in Nippon Shôkokumin Bunko [A Series for Japanese Young Nationals] series from 1935 to 1937.
@A revised edition of Akanoppo Aonoppo was included in Shôgakukan no Yônen Bunko [Shôgakukan Younger Children's Pocket Books] series in 1955. In the later edition references to wartime were removed from the story. A reprint of the original was published by Holp Shuppan in 1978.