@Nazo no Angô is a collection of five short stories serialized in Shônen Kurabu [Boys' Club]. The protagonist Tôgô Fujio is working part time for the Metropolitan Police Department. He is good at foreign languages and in the title piece saves the country in a critical situation by deciphering the enemy's code. Elements of adventurous actions such as a pursuit on a motorcycle or in a steam launch and boarding an airplane are depicted in "Denki Suirai Jiken" ["The Case of Electric Torpedo"] and "Kancho? Kaito?" ["A Spy or a Phandom Thief?"]. The fourth story, "Chie no Tatakai" ["A Battle of Wisdom"], is a patriotic story in which an enemy reconnaissance plane is shot down by a Japanese Navy fighter. In the last story "Kieta Kaitô" ["The Phantom Thief Disappeared"] Fujio catches a thief using scientific crime detection.
@Boy readers were interested in the codes used in the story and enjoyed making codes of their own. Although it was welcomed by boys as an interesting story, Nazo no Angô played an undeniable part in imposing war regime on children. @