@The first collection of Yoda's works, containing 81 verses, many of which first appeared in magazines like Akai Tori [Red Bird], Kodomo no Kuni [Children's Land], and Chichi no Ki [Ginkgo Tree].
@Together with Tasumi Seika, Fujii Jurô, and Tako Yôhi, Yoda began his career as a contributor to Akai Tori, and looked up Kitahara as his mentor. Kitahara wrote in the preface of this volume that it was his great pleasure to introduce Yoda to the world. However, Yoda inclined towards modernism and a new style of verses. It's beginning can be seen the works in this volume, such as "Byôki" ["Sickness"], "Mishin" ["A Sewing Machine"], "Shiroi Benchi" ["A White Bench"] and so on.
@This book contains six illustrations by Onchi Kôshirou (for the first section "Tokai" [A City]), and five by Munakata Shikô (for the latter section "Inaka" ["Countryside"]). Together with the simple binding done by Yoda himself, this book is quite unique and of high quality.