@One of the adventure stories favored by children in 1930's. Hoeru Mitsurin reached at least 130th printings in seven years. The author, Minami Yôichirô also wrote under the pseudonym Ikeda Nobumasa. While Minami was a writer of adventure stories, Ikeda wrote biographical stories.
@Minami enjoyed reading Robinson Hyôryûki [Robinson Crusoe] and Shôkôshi [Little Lord Fauntleroy] in his childhood. He admitted that those books inspired him to become an adventure story writer and biographical story writer.
@Hoeru Mitsurin is based on the recollections of the American explorer, Joseph Wilton. The story begins with an episode in which "I" (Wilton) and his friend Frank encounter and fight with a man-eating lion in the jungles of Africa. They then meet a big snake, leopard and a huge rhinoceros. While the scene shifts from Africa to Borneo and the Malay Peninsula, episodes of fighting with fierce animals continue. The story played a part in exciting the minds of Japanese boys whose country had just plunged into war in Manchuria. Detailed and vivid illustrations contributed to livening up the story.
@Later it was criticized that the protagonists lacked motivation for going on explorations.