@The first volume of Norakuro series (ten volumes), a comic story by Tagawa Suihô, followed by Norakuro Gochô [Corporal Norakuro], Norakuro Gunsô [Sergeant Norakuro], Norakuro Tankentai [Norakuro and his Expedition Team], etc. Comic stories with the same name appeared in Shônen Kurabu [Boys' Club] from 1931 to 1941; however, this book is different from the one in the magazine, although the setting is similar.
@Norakuro, a stray dog with no family or friend, joins the army. At first, he is a common soldier. Later, he is gradually promoted until he becomes a captain. After leaving the army, he explores the Chinese continent. This setting is strongly influenced by Japanese imperialism at that time. Although Norakuro gradually promotes, he is not a heroic character; he often makes silly mistakes. Together with his poor condition of life, his humorous acts greatly attracted young readers.
@The technique of the Western comic, such as the use of balloons to put words in pictures, clouds to express a person's walking, stars to show a person's dizziness, greatly influenced other comic authors. Ooshiro Noboru, Tagawa's contemporary, drew works resembling Tagawa's, and Tezuka Osamu, the founder of story comics flourished after the war also began his career under the influence of Tagawa. A reprint of the original edition was published by Kôdan-Sha in 1969.