@Sasaki's first novel for boys. This is also the first humorous novel in the history of Japanese boys' stories. Kushin no Gakuyû first appeared in the magazine, Shônen Kurabu [Boys' Club]. Humorous illustrations were by Kawame Teiji, who was popular for his drawings for the "humorous short verses" column in Shônen Kurabu.
@This story focuses on the school life of Teruhiko, the third eldest son of the aristocratic Hanaoka family and Shôzô, the third son of middle class Naitô family. The conflict between these two boys is described warmly but not sentimentally. While the life of a noble family is introduced humorously, authority is not regarded as something of absolute value, and is sometimes criticized by the boy characters. Also, morality is not praised blindly in this work, for example, a bad boy decides to do one good act a day. When he does nothing, he pats a dog on a street and counts it as "one." This cool humor is the biggest departure from  Gyokuhai ni Hana Ukete [Receiving Blossoms in the Sake Cup], another story appeared in Shônen Kurabu at the same time. It can be said that Kushin no Gakuyû's humour cooled the enthusiasm and ideals in  Gyokuhai ni Hana Ukete.
@A reprint of the original edition was published by Holp Shuppan in 1974. @