@A collection of a play and eighteen short stories, including "Haru." The author became very popular with his lyric pictures, such as "Kuro Neko o Daku Onna" ["A Woman Holding a Black Cat"], and a song "Yoi Machi Gusa"["An Evening Primrose"]. He contributed many pictures, verses, and stories to magazines for children. The pieces in this collection are chosen from them.
@Although about half of them are stories of boys and half of girls, those with girl protagonists show more distinctive characteristics of Takehisa's stories, such as describing a girl's state of mind. For example, Yûko in "Sensei no Kao" ["A Teacher's Face"], likes to draw pictures, and sketches her teacher's face during class. She is scolded by her teacher, and worries about it. However, after receiving a heart-warming letter from her teacher, Yûko is much relieved. Takehisa added a picture to the beginning of each story, and put rhythmical nursery rhymes to some stories in this book, which also shows the character of Takehisa's work.