@The most important novel for boys by Yoshikawa Eiji, a famous historical novelist. It was first serialized in Shônen Kurabu [Boys' Club] and won great popularity. The serialization lasted four years and then published in book form in three volumes.
@ The protagonist is Takeda Inamaru, the son of the late Takeda Katsuyori who was destroyed by the Odas and the Tokugawas. Inamaru aims to defeat the Tokugawas and to restore the Takeda family, with the help of seven chivalrous fellows.
@Yoshikawa's stories for boys describe the destiny of a protagonist who belonged to a defeated army as a result of the changing times. His later works also depicted such a boy, for example, a son of Sanada Yukimura who belonged to the defeated army of the Toyotomis. Shinshû Temmakyô is the prototype of Yoshikawa's novels for boys.
@His flowing and elegant style was innovative in the field of popular children's literature. Needless to say, such a style deeply attracted readers. Illustrations by Yamaguchi Shôkichirô added to the popularity. As he was good at drawing pictures of warriors, Inamaru and seven companions were drawn vividly.