@Satô's first collection of stories for children, containing fourteen short stories (most of them appeared in a magazine first). Four of them, such as "Watashi no Chichi ga Tanuki to Kakutô o Shita Hanasi" ["A Tale of My Father Wrestling with a Racoon Dog"] and "Watashi no Chichi to Chichi no Tsuru tono Hanashi" ["A Tale of My Father and His Crane"] are biographical, based on childhood experience and the memory of his father. Others like "Omocha no Kômori" ["A Toy Bat"], and "Minoru-San no Kokyu" ["Minoru's Violin"] first appeared in a magazine for children such as Dôwa [Stories for Children], and Akai Tori [Red Bird]. They are about the everyday life of a child.
@Satô came to the idea of "Inago no Dairyokô" when he saw a locust fly into a train while traveling in Taiwan. In this story, a traveler notices that a locust on a seat in the train. During the journey, he keeps wondering where on earth this locust might go. He imagines that traveling with this train would be as great a journey as traveling all over the world for human beings. A reprint of the original was published by Holp Shuppan in 1971. @