@Eguchi's second collection of stories for children, following Kinoha no Koban [A Gold Coin Made of a Leaf]. Most works in this volume first appeared in the magazine Akai Tori [Red Bird]. "Oni ga Kita" ["An Ogre is Coming"] is retold based on a Chinese folk tale. Others seem to be original, but they are written in the style of a folk tale.
@"Kaminari no Ko" is about a child of the thunder spirit. He falls onto the ground and is caught by Ginji who wants to earn money by showing the child to an audience. Ginji is killed by a poisonous snake. Another character, Tokuemon, who helps the child, is rewarded with a gold mouse. "Yokufuka Gitsune" ["A Greedy Fox"] tells that greed is evil. "Oniga Kita" and other stories satirize foolish people. Strong didactic elements are seen in these stories.
@In 1927, Eguchi wrote "Aru Hi no Oniga Shima" ["One Day at Oniga Shima"]. This is a parody of a fairy tale with exaggerated expressions, which was a new aspect in his writing. Therefore, Kaminari no Ko can be regarded as a transitional work in his career.