@Noguchi's first collection of verses for children. 71 early works with high literary value are collected. 33 out of 71 first appeared in the magazine, Kin no Fune [A Golden Ship]. Many verses such as "Tomato Batake" ["A Field of Tomato"] and "Negibôzu" ["A Leek"] are about country life. Ujô paid much attention to the rhythm and the sound of the words. The musical aspect and the concise expression are the characteristics of his verses in this collection.
@In 1920, Noguchi began working as an editor for Kin no Tsuno [A Golden Horn], the publisher of Kin no Fune. He created many verses, many of which became popular with music added by Moto'ori Nagayo or Nakayama Shimpei. However, most of his well-known works like "Akai Kutsu" ["Red Shoes"], "Aoi Me no Ningyô" ["A Doll with Blue Eyes"], "Nanatsu no Ko" ["Seven Nestlings"], and so on were created after the publication of this Jugoya Otsukisan. Therefore, this collection is an important one which reveals his early effort to create verses with high literary value. This book was popular, and the tenth edition was published as "recommended by the Ministry of Education."