@As the title indicates, here two folktales, "Kachi Kachi Yama" and "Hanasaka Jii," are dramatized for children. They first appeared in a literary magazine Shirakaba [White Birch] in 1917. Kishida Ryûsei took charge of the bindings and illustrations. It was the first and only children's book published by Oranda-Shobô. The book was beautifully made, which shows how much the publisher thought of it.
@Mushanokôji took great pains to make the drama suitable and easy to play for children. He adored the illustrations by Kishida.
@Later, another folktale, "Jizô to Oni" ["A Gardian Diety of Children and an Ogre"] was added to the book and was published as Dôwageki Sampen [Three Children's Plays] by Shinchô-Sha in 1921. A pocket edition of Kachi Kachi Yama published in 1951 was reprinted many times and were actually played in schools. Mushanokôji's idea and views of life indicated in the play were highly rated.
@An English translation, Two Fables of Japan, was published by Hokuseido in 1957. A reprint of Kachi Kachi Yama to Hanasaka Jii was published by Holp Shuppan in 1977.