@Sarutobi Sasuke attracted most boys in 1910s. It is one of a series called Tachikawa Bunko [Tachikawa Pocket Books], which consisted of 200 pocket books published from 1911 to 1925. The subjects ranged widely from biography of famous people in history, heroic tales, stories of master swordsmen, and revenge stories to the castaway story of Robinson Crusoe. The series gave memorable reading pleasure to children in those days.
@Sarutobi Sasuke, the 40th volume of the series, is a story of Sasuke, a son of a country samurai who received his training from a master of ninjutsu (the skills of stealth and secrecy practiced by the ninja), and was recognized and given the name Sarutobi ("jumping like a monkey") Sasuke by the famous samurai Sanada Yukimura. Sasuke plays an active role as Sanada's follower. However, Sasuke's skills described in the story were imaginary. Adachi Ken'ichi points out that the quality of ninjutsu stories changed with the appearance of Sarutobi Sasuke in the series. The popularity of the series rose so much by this book that a ninjutsu boom exploded nationwide together with the release of ninjutsu movies. Many other stories featuring ninjutsu masters including Sarutobi Sasuke were published one after another in the series.
@The reprint of the original was published by Holp Shuppan in 1971.