@The third volume of Aishi Sôsho [Books for Beloved Children] series published by Jitsugyô-no-Nihon-Sha, a series inspired by Shônen Bungaku [Juvenile Literature] series by Hakubun-Kan. This volume was illustrated by Takehisa Yumeji, a well-known illustrator in the Taisho era.
@This story describes the life and psychology of a boy, Tomokichi, until he becomes eleven years old. According to the advertisement for this book, the first idea of this volume's title was " strong boy, weak boy," which suggests a conflict between two states of mind in Tomokichi. The final title may have been chosen to emphasize the reunion of Tomokichi and his mother after a long separation, and the reunion of Tomokichi and an old friend of his. At the end of the story, Tomokichi leaves his drunken father to live by himself. This is the story of a family as well as a boy's life. Yumeji's lyrical pictures add a sentimental atmosphere to this sad and gloomy story.
@In the Taisho era, quite a few novelists wrote at least one work for children. Many wrote about the life of a famous person, but Shimazaki Tôson, Tayama Katai, and Tokuda Shûsei introduced a new element, modern life, into books for children. A reprint of the original was published by Holp Shuppan in 1978.