@This is the second volume of Aishi Sôsho [Books for Beloved Children] series (5 vols.). The series was published in order to supply parents with the best books for their children. The bindings of each volume were done by famous painters of the time such as Natori Shunsen, Kawabata Ryûshi, and Takehisa Yumeji.
@Chiisana Hato is regarded as Tayama's second book for children. The protagonist Shizuo somewhat reflects Tayama's own boyhood. It is apparent that the story is not strictly autobiographical since Shizuo lives only with his mother. As Tayama is a realistic novelist, his description of the pond as a background to Shizuo's life, and other aspects of rural life he leads till he goes to Tokyo at the age of fourteen, is brilliant. On a train at the end of the story, Shizuo is full of hope and gazing in wonder with round eyes like a little pigeon. The story does not end there: after a few blank lines, Tayama writes "Who is Shizuo, round-eyed like a pigeon?" This is a question asked by a child reader and subsequently the parent explains to the child. Here the meaning of the title is made known. On the first page is a frontispiece picture of Tayama and his children as frontispiece pictures of the authors and their children were common throughout the Aishi Sôsho series.
@Chiisana Hato received good reviews such as: "Now we have new and valuable stories for children besides former fairy tales." The series was revised in 1922, boxed with bindings by Takehisa Yumeji. This edition was so popular that a reprint was made the next month. All five volumes of original Aishi Sôsho series were reprinted by Holp Shuppan in 1978. Since the 1980s on, the story of Chiisana Hato has been collected in the complete works of Tayama. The modern evaluation of Chiisana Hato is still high.